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Here’s one my favourite shots – of which I have 3 versions, digital, 35mm slide, 669 print. I was asked this on flickr:

What does “Digital to analogue conversion” mean?!

My response:
Glad you asked, the shot was originally taken on a digital camera (Canon 10D). About I month ago I had my favourite digital shots converted to 35mm Slides via They have special machines to convert digital images to slides, I did this because:

1. I had problems with digital storage (I lost some of my best digi shots due to bad hard drives and unrecoverable dvds/cds *
2. I just thought they were cool.

Once you have them in 35mm format, you can use a DayLab Slide printer, or my case – a polaprinter. What this does is print your 35mm shot on Polaroid film.

I choose extremely expired film because I was curious to see the effects. The Polaroid film I used for this series was about 7+ years expired.

* I know people people go on about the integrity of digital forms eg dvds and hard drives. Unfortunately I personally have not found this to be case. I have had 2 hard drive crashes and lost a couple of DVDs that caused the loss of some of my most cherished digital shots. Note: I am not railing against digital photography, l as i still shoot digital from time to time.