Developing 35mm Film Exposed to saltwater (yes it is possible!)

Posted by on Jan 23 2010, in FILM DEVELOPMENT, Konica Mermaid, parahanga, SALT WATER

End of the Beginning
Originally uploaded by Parahanga

2 weeks ago, I was using my lovely Konica Mermaid camera to shoot action figures underwater. Unfortunately, I had somehow dislodged the the waterproof backing while I was underwater, flooding the camera. The camera electronics died and even the film was exposed to salt water.

I thought surely someone out there on the internets who would have posted whether salt watered exposed film was salvageable or not. I couldn’t find one.

The film was not able to be rewound by the electric rewind. I opened the camera in the dark. I could feel the salt water on the film. The film was in the camera, exposed to salt water for about a full day. When I eventually decided to take out the film in my darkroom, I felt the saltwater run off the film.

Anyways, I had my Colortec chemicals on hand and decided to give it go. I even push developed the film (going an 45 secondss beyond recommended developing time). I was surprised as anyone to to the see the results – you can go to my Flickr photostream to see the rest of the shots from my now defunct Konica Mermaid.