Develop Colour Film in New Zealand

Posted by on Jan 21 2010, in c-41, develop colour film, parahanga

If you want to develop your film here in New Zealand, its a bit tricky to get the materials. You can special order the colour chemicals from Camera stores, but they charge a premium to do an order for you.

Initially, I thought I could order colour development kits from the USA, as heaps and heaps are available. However, they are not allow to send colour chemicals outside the USA. After a bit of further hunting, I found that the chemicals could be bought from the UK at a fair rate, at least much cheap than special ordering a kit from New Zealand.

Yes, you can send your film to a lab to get developed. Yes, it is cheaper. But where is the fun in that? And what control do you have over the quality?

I developed my first batch of colour film and I was amazed at the results. Despite reading in forums how difficult it is to develop colour film, it was not difficult at all, just more quality control is involved.

Here is a great resource from Youtube that helped me develop my first rolls of colour film.

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  • Hi, I am looking to get some colour film chemicals from overseas, I am based in Auckland. Which store did you buy yours from? and What brand did you go for?

  • Anonymous

    I've only used Tetenal, which I buy off ebay uk. I've pick up some chemicals while I was travelling in Canada and had them shipped here without problem. I've only tried colour negative processing, not slide (e6). I've found Tetenal very good for what I was using, which was primarily developing negatives.