Breathe: A Post Apocalyptic Short Film

Posted by on Jan 15 2010, in apocalypticpost, Breathe, short film, warner brown

Just found this on Flickr – Breathe by Warner Brown. Its 16mm short film, here is the blurb from vimeo:

Post-apocalyptic World War 4 Earth is divided by oxygen “breathable zones.” A downed rebel pilot, pursued by government agents, fights for his life.
Breathe: A post-apocalyptic sci-fi short.
Format: 16mm
Starring Krishna Chaitanya.
Written & directed by Warner Brown.
Original soundtrack and digital effects created & composed by Warner Brown. Part of the upcoming “Jettison” series based 20 years before the era in this short.

The video quality seems a bit choppy and unfortunately I couldn’t get any sound. It seems to have some sci fi elements to it as well. Check it out below

Breathe: A Post-Apocalyptic Short from Warner Brown on Vimeo.