My Polaroid Cameras (Collection so far…)

Posted by on Nov 01 2009, in 452 Portrait Camera, EE100 Special, fuji instax mini, fuji instax wide, Mini 202 Portrait Camera, parahanga, Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera, polaroid one step

These are my polaroid cameras to date, I’ll do a basic review on them a bit later, click to enlarge:


  1. Polaroid 104 Camera
  2. Mini 202 Portrait Camera
  3. Instax Mini Camera
  4. Onestep 600 Camera
  5. 452 Portrait Camera
  6. Instax Wide Camera
  7. EE100 Special Camera
  8. Polaroid 104 Camera (backup)

Update 2020 Aug 16: Sadly I have none of these camera anymore, but this was a fun collection!