What to wear at the end of the world (Post Apocalyptic fashion for Blokes)

Posted by on Oct 12 2009, in apocalypticpost, Tijana Pavlov Spring

So you are guy, presumably metrosexual, what you gonna where when the Apocalypse comes ’round? Check out The Tijana Pavlov Spring 2010 Menswear – the have all stylings for your modern post apocalyptic. You’ll need to travel to Croatia for this (hey you gotta to end of world to dress for the end of the world):

The Tijana Pavlov Spring 2010 menswear collection shown at Cro-a-Porter in Zagreb, Croatia follows the post-apocalyptic theme she alluded to in her Fall 2009 ad campaign. The overall mood of the line is somber, with black and gray playing starring roles, accented by futuristic pink eyewear and the occasional flash of silver.