Polaroid Transfers to Photo Paper

Posted by on Sep 27 2009, in parahanga, polaroid photopaper transfer, Polaroid Tutorial

Earlier I wrote about transferring the polaroid negative to photopaper – here I’ll expand upon it a bit. I have now done a few batches – the ‘dry transfers’ – slapping the negative onto photopaper and peeling them back later – have been largely unsuccessful. However, wet transfers have gone very well. I like this process as it can give you two prints for one :). I have tried this successfull with Studio 125i and ID-UV film, both expired.

What you need:
  • Polaroid Negative
  • Thick book
  • Kettle
  • Tray
  • Spatula
  • Timer
  • Rolling Pin
  • Tea Towel
  • optional: white vinegar
  • optional: dinner plate
Here’s are some more detailed
  1. Use Gloss 10 x 15cm photo paper (I used coded
  2. Take your photo, when you peel your negative off, instantly slap it on the glossy photo paper
  3. Place the photo paper inside a hardcover book (the negative should be stuck to the photopaper)
  4. Leave the book shut for about 30mins (probably need much less time than this)
  5. When ready, peel the negative away from the photo paper.
  6. Place the Negatives attached to the Photopaper in a tray
  7. Boil some water in the Kettle
  8. Setting the timer, pour the water on the negative/photopaper
  9. Use the spatula to hold the paper in the tray (to keep from floating from the top). After 1 minute, pour out water, and pour more hotwater on the negatives
  10. Repeat the above process 3 times.
  11. After at least 3 minutes in the hotwater place a tea towel on flat surface, then the negative on the towel. Fold part of the towel over the negative.
  12. The idea is to get as much water out the negative – take your rolling pill and go over the negative sandwiched between the tea towel. Time this – do this for 1 minute.
  13. Pull apart the negative.
The posts following this one show some examples of ID UV photopaper transfers.