Post Apocalyptic Sport: Jugger

Posted by on Aug 28 2009, in apocalypticpost, jugger, post apocalyptic sport

Need a bit sporting activity for after the apocalypse? why not try Jugger – a sport that was invented for the Post Apocalyptic Rutger Hauer movie Blood of Heroes. From the wikipedia page:

What little entertainment is available in these times comes primarily from a brutal sport known only as The Game, and the merriment that follows after the day’s play. It is played by bands of roving teams known collectively as juggers, who challenge local town teams. They pass for what might be considered professional athletes, as they make their living through the tribute paid by the people of the town, should they defeat the local team. Their trophy is the dog skull from the town. The Game involves two armed and armoured teams of five attempting to score by placing a decorated dog skull on the opposing team’s goalpost. One unarmed player, “the Quick”, runs with the skull, protected by the team’s other members.

Need more guidance how to play Jugger? Wikipedia to rescue again. Apparently, its especially popular in Germany

From the movie:

Here’s a quick video history