Post Apocalyptic Book Review: Day of the Triffids

Posted by on Aug 28 2009, in apocalypticpost, Day of Triffids, post apocalyptic book

I recently picked up Day of the Triffids, an acclaimed Post Apocalyptic novel John Wyndham. I must admit, I thought it would be pretty cheesy after all the premise is about deadly plants take over the earth after the people become mysteriously blinded. Maybe this prejudice comes from tonnes of horrible Hollywood productions about zombified beings killing humans. However, I must say this book was a fantastic read.
To start, though these deadly plants, the triffids are major part of the story, the crux of the story is how human society starts from scratch. This brings up conflicts from many different factions, from religious people who morality has higher standards their practicality to feudal lords who try to force their will on survivors. The Triffids pop in out from the background to the forefront of the story while the author struggles to come to grips with how mankind can reestablish themselves after the apocalypse. He wonders how future generations, who have to labour strenuously to stay alive, will ever find the division of labour (eg scientists, researchers) to fight off the triffids.
Have a read for yourself.


  • dov

    I agree, one of the sharper observations of the post apocalyptic psyche.
    Also a warning against ultra knowledge specialisation and general human complacency.
    For a similarly enjoyable read, check out The Kraken Wakes, also by Wyndham.

  • Anonymous

    try the more modern sequil the Night Of the triffids, Different author, but same style.