Time Capsules and the Apocalypse

Posted by on Aug 23 2009, in apocalypse, apocalypticpost, time capsules

I was recently thinking, what can we do now to prepare for apocalypse. Asides from reading survival manuals and storing up goods, why not do something that can benefit humanity – or at least your local community? While it doesn’t have to be as grand as the Svalbard Seed Vault, creating well kept time capsules could be a way of assisting survivors of the apocalypse.

(the above photo is from a 1957 Plymouth Car from the (in)famous Tulsa city time capsule)

Here is great article post about the top 10 time capsules of all time, read the article for more details about each one:
The Tulsa City always puts a smile on my face – lets hope that future 1957 Plymouth Belvederes are better preserved!

what they buried:

what they uncovered: