Post Apocalyptic Computer Games of the Free Variety

Posted by on Aug 01 2009, in abandonware, apocalypticpost, flash game, post apocalyptic game

So you are looking for some virtual virtual training before the Apocalypse happens, and you don’t don’t have a enough ‘caps’ to spend on, shiny new Fallout or Fallen Earth games? Don’t fret, we’ve got your free online games right here at the Post Apocalyptic Post.

Ok so some of them are antique graphics from the 1980’s. But hey, did you realy think your Nvidia driver will survive the Apocalypse? So boot up your 100 megabyte harddrive and install and extra 32 megabytes of Ram, you are gonna need it to get through the Apocalypse! Here’s a list of some free Abandonware Post Apocalyptic Games:

Post Apocalyptic Abandonware