On a Roll

Posted by on Jan 25 2009, in beach, fp 100c, manukau, parahanga, Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera, toilet paper

Hello all first post on my blog here. I am using this blog to show my instant photography photos. I’ve started shooting polaroid and instant photography in october 0f 2008 after shooting digital for nearly 7 years. I love both formats (analogue instant and digital) but this blog will be for showing my instant work. Some of these photos my have been digitally edited – if you are interested what was done, just ask. I not either I digital zealot or film zealot, I am format neutral. Instead, I look to create a fusion of both 🙂

I am also based in New Zealand, so this is where most of the subject matter will take place. Incidently, ‘Parahanga’ is Maori for ‘junk’, ‘litter’ or ‘stuff’ – which I think is a fitter description of my work. I’ll have an authentic website something in later in the year (or maybe 2010, 2011 etc) but this is a pretty good place to get started. Leave comments.
Incidently – if you want to see my polanoid account the direct url is here: parahanga polanoid.
Below was taken near Manukau Heads, near Awhitu Penisula. Its one of the first shots I’ve taken using instant medium, shot with Fuji fp-100c silk (its a peel apart film) using my Polaroid 104 camera.