Happy Holidays update – Happy Days in your Treehouse!

Posted by on Dec 20 2008, in Treehouses, zegarkus

A ‘Happy Holidays Update’ 🙂 Stump Tree House from Kevin Mckinney was added. Also another McKinney (Frank, who is in Florida) has a magnificent tree house in a strangler fig. A few pics from the from Windy Days Blog show incredible treehouses, with some very cool interior shots. Also Gentilhommière du Bois Adam near Nantes, France, hotel Tree house. This is via Una Mosca en la Luna Blog. Feel like nesting? How about this unique Nest Tree House concept from Gerald Moline. Looking for ideas for building tree house? Check the blog This old tree house. Whats a treehouse without a few drinkies? Down a few at the Tree House Bar in South Africa. Do you like your treehouses aged to perfection? – check out the worlds oldest recorded treehouse. Read about Linda Aldredge’s Treehouse – a lesson in sustainability. And finally, If you have chance, check out Pete Nelsons ‘Tree House Workshop’ in Oregon!

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