Alternate Dwellings: Yurps and Tipis

Posted by on Apr 24 2008, in Architecture, zegarkus

This will be my only new post of the month – sorry if its a bit short but I hope you find it interesting. I like the idea of alternative living spaces – so here are a couple of to think about Yurts and Tipis – These are both manufacturers of modern dwellings based on traditional principles, an when compared to a modern home – quite affordable and better for the environment :). Have a look:

The Pacific Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. The compact shape of the yurt and combination of lightweight members in tension and compression mean that the structure is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing the use of materials.

The Pacific Yurt is a lightweight, low-cost, state-of-the-art version that retains the sense of wholeness of the ancient form while delivering the structural integrity, longevity and low maintenance demanded by modern users.

Though generally classified as a tent, the yurt is much stronger and weathertight. The Pacific Yurt is a circular structure that consists of a durable fabric cover, tension band and a wood frame that includes a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door


Since our tipis (teepees, tepees) are as authentic as possible in our contemporary world, they bring to the 21st century a “living artifact”. They make it possible to experience what a nomadic culture experienced hundreds of years ago. Our tipis (teepees, tepees) are authentic Sioux style to which we have added reinforcing and design variations that are the results of our own tipi living experiences in snow, below zero temperatures, coastal rain forests and hurricane force winds.

Our teepee making is self-styled and integrates our love of the wilderness with rural life and the demands of teepee making. Our workshop is hidden in the quiet seclusion of the forest at the base of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area and our tipis are sewn by local residents in their own homes. We made all leather tipis for Kevin Costner’s movie “Dances With Wolves” and Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai”.