Top UFO sites

Posted by on Feb 06 2008, in Uncategorized, zegarkus

I’ve had a peruse around for some UFO sites on this great ‘net of ours. There are heaps of sites out there, most are pretty good – but these are my favourite on the net. These sites have alot of multimedia and a diversity of information that made them stick out a bit more than others. As I research the topic a bit more, I will add more sites, but here they are in no particular order:

      Crowded Skies is a site run London UFO Studies (LUFOS). The have a great repository of videos, pictures and other information about UFOs. Below is a video that can be found on their website:

      UFO maps is a website where you can find where all the latest UFO sitings occurred via the simplicity of google maps. Unfortunately, it currently just seems to get UFO sightings from the USA, but maybe in time it will become more international
      The Black Vault contains a smorgasboard of information – but the main area of interest declassified US governement documents, many of which contain information on UFO’s. Aside from government documents, you can also find videos, a large online community and large research archives. Though not specifically about UFOs, you can glean some useful UFO info from this site.
      UFO evidence is great site that has indepth articles about Sightings, Physical Evidence, Government Studies and Cover ups, Abductions and much more. Very well presented.