happy kiwi summertime

Posted by on Jan 05 2008, in jandals, kiwi, summertime, vonnagy.blogspot.com

A few days after christmas my girlfriend and I went for a sunrise walk to Mission Bay. I just picked up my little sony cyber shot, though its not ‘serious’ camera, I had some fun with it – besides I am not a very serious photographer! I haven’t taken any pics for quite sometime so I hope these will do for the time being!
This is for all those folks reading my blog who are suffering through the cold weather – here is a bit of nz summer for you!


Nothing tells you its summertime in NZ like a pair of jandals on the beach (thongs to you aussies and flip-flops to the rest of the world). The distortion on the cybershot camera actually makes it look like there is a ghost walking in those jandals…


Another experimental shot with the sony, there is a bit of depth of field in this snap, I was a bit surprised that sony did it as well as as it did.


Ah, Steinlager. You’ll be bound to come across a few bottles in NZ, more than likely they will be empty bottles though!