Update and of sorts and big THANK YOU to stumbleupon

Posted by on Nov 11 2007, in Uncategorized, vonnagy.blogspot.com

Hi everyone – no unfortunately I don’t have any photos in this post. I still have about 2 gigabyte of photos on my flash card from my holiday in europe – which turned out to be one of the biggest adventures during my short existence on this planet.
Regarding my photography: honestly I really don’t have the motivation to go out there and take photos at this point in my life. For nearly 4 years I battled my camera, the weather and mostly myself to bring my photography here on this website. It was a form of therapy for myself. I am not saying I am giving it up – but there is so much going on right now – that photography is taking a backseat.

However – I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for Stumpbleupon – I was checking the weblogs to my site, and my god, thank you all you you people who used stumbleupon to view my website – click here to read some comments. Thank you so much for your kind words, stuff like that really puts a smile on my face. All you guys are great!
I am also forever grateful for my friend Ania who helped me with my very first photography exhibition, which ironically, was not in New Zealand but in Poland. In fact for those who want to see it, I believe they are still there at Piekna Bar, Piekna 68a street, Warsaw.

Apologies to those who left comments in my blogs the last 6 months, I’ve only recently fixed a bug that deleted any posts. Its working now…

So the question remains – what are your plans for the site if you are aren’t going to take any photos?

  • Add europe photos – i actually took very very few photos – most of my pics are from Northern Ireland which remind a great deal of New Zealand. I will try to add them here in the next few months.
  • Add Wallpaper size photos – for those that want a bit of New Zealand on their desktop.
  • Add some sort of creative commons license for some of my photos.

Also I’ve been getting alot comments about this particular photograph both on and offline:

I was actually lucky enough to be invited to stay at this farm – It is owned by a family by the name of Snodgrass. They were very very gracious hosts and the weather was perfect for some of the best shots I have ever taken. However, a couple of months after I was there I had a hard drive failure and I lost all their contact information. However, I am going to try get their contact information here as they take groups out there from time to time, so anyone who is interested can see what it is like in this phenomenal place.

All the best