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Posted by on Nov 04 2007, in Game Development Portals, zegarkus

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I’ve been gone for several months now, but I hope to get a few more posts in the blog going. I decided to quickly post here something I’ve been interested in quite some time: computer game programming. I thought would write a bit about my favourite resources (aside from Google) for programming computer games:

  • Gamasutra – Game Industry Portal. Find out the latest news for Game Industry. Countless resources for gaming industries including news, gaming jobs, and computer game education.
  • Generation 5 – Artificial intelligence Portal – contains articles, interviews, a glossary. As stated on their website: Generation5 aims to be the most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence site on the Internet. Community-orientated, Generation5 deals with all AI topics including robotics, neural networks, genetic algorithms, AI programming, home automation and much more.
  • Game Development Search Engine – The site seems to had the ‘ob_gzhandler’ error in its header forever, but despite this, the site is pretty good resource for Game Developement, tutorials and other resources.
  • Quandary Computer Game Reviews – A pretty comprehensive site of reviews for nearly every computer game that you can think of.
  • RPG Portal – Another comprehensive online portal and community – but this exclusively dedicated to computer Role Playing Games.
  • DCEmu Console Gaming Portal – the very latest news, downloads, reviews, previews and much more from every console and its gaming, homebrew and emulation scene.
  • Games Discovery Portal – Though the site is plagued with adverts – it has some very good information about game programming – in particular the ‘Game Ideas’ forum – if you are looking to get inspired for new ideas, might pay to visit that section.
  • Devmaster Game Development Portal – This is one I frequent often – this is a vast resource of articles, engine databases, and much more. Has a strong community and addictive.
  • Game Programming Portal – This is possible best online portal that I’ve found. With over 130,000 pages indexed in Google – it is probably the most vast resource to the game development universe.
  • The Water Cooler Games Portal – This portal is recent find, and perhaps isn’t a portal at all. It a portal to discuss the social, political and educational use of computer games. This site will help you think outside the box and help you see the broader impact of how computer games effect your day to day life.

I am going to have a few more computer game programming posts in the future as well – hope you enjoy what I’ve found. I may comeback and update this post if I find anything else interesting.