Dream: United States is underwater 20.March.2007

Posted by on Apr 24 2007, in apocalypse, Dreams, zegarkus

Originally posted here: http://zegarkus.com/2007/04/24/dream-united-states-is-underwater-20march2007/

Haven’t had any interesting dreams in while – and I have been a bit too busy with other stuff to keep up my blog. Here is a dream from last month thats a bit ‘Apocalyptic’:

I was in bed and my mother came in crying and woke me up. She told me that the state of Georgia in the USA was underwater and everything in Atlanta was destroyed. I asked if my grandmother was ok but she didn’t know.
I saw a map of Atlanta on the news and it was a coastal city. The news said 590 million people perished around the world in a series of catastrophes.
My family wanted to fly into … to check on my grandmother – but there was chaos in the airport. I felt a gut wrenching tug in my chest because I know that my grandmother was close to Atlanta and all alone. At the airport they were looking for people to survey the damage in Georgia and I volunteered.
Instead of going to Atlanta where the main damage was, I head slightly north to wear my grandmother lived. She was actually doing ok – her neighbours visited her and made sure she was ok.
We talked about what happened and she said that 590 million people throughout the world died in flooding and earth changes.