11 months absence from photography

Posted by on Oct 19 2006, in port waikato, ramblings, vonnagy.blogspot.com

Yep thats right. Ok, i did do a wedding shoot in February (don’t even think about asking me about that!) but I haven’t done any of ‘my kind’ of photography for 11 months. So its perfectly fitting that I return to Port Waikato to take some pics – the last place I took ‘my kind of shots’.

Honestly, I didn’t miss not shooting much. I am quite a busy lad with my business and photography is just something I’ve always done for fun.

My sister and her husband paid a visit to New Zealand so I took them along to one of my favourite spots. And of course the place didn’t disapoint. Here are a couple of my efforts:

When I first came across the seal in the last photograph, I thought it was dead. Its ears had been worn away, there were flies all over it and no sign of breathing. We came across it later upon our return – it was not dead but breathing very heavily.

A passerby in their infinite wisdom wanted to confort the seal by petting it. It jerked back its head quickly. Luckily no one was bitten, but the seal look quite agitated as it wheezed for air. It came in for a rest from the sea, or more likely by the condition it was in, to die on the shores.