Attracting Sea Mines – dream from 29-June-2006

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From my Journal 29-June-2006

I dreamt I was swimming in the middle of the ocean. I noticed a round floating object with raised nubs that looked quite old. I climbed on this object to give myself a break from swimming.
A strange feeling overcame me – this object was a mine! I leapt off of it and swam away. The object was following me as if I was attracting it magnetically!

For a while, I didn’t have an interpretation for this dream so I just let it collect dust in my journal. This morning though as I was entering new data in my dream journal – I had a little bit of a revelation of what it meant.
At the time of this dream, I was dating a girl (we broke up about a month and a half ago). She was the first girl I had dated in long time. I essentially stopped seeing her because I just thought we incompatible. She was very draining for me and tried to manipulate me emotionally – which I didn’t let her! I was able to shake off the relationship pretty quickly as I knew it was going to nowhere and was potentially damaging for me. I still maintained a friendship with her though.
My interpretation is this – the me swimming in the ocean represents the long time between girlfriends. I thought I found a break from swimming (in this single life) when I rested upon this object. However, this object was not as it seemed, or at least the relief of finally having girlfriend obscured my sensiblilities. As soon as I realised that it was a mine, I jumped off. Similarly as soon as I realised that I was being emotially manipulated in the relationship – I stopped the relationship from going any further as not to trigger that could be damaging for the both of us! Finally – I think there was still some attraction for this girl to me and we are still friends. So this represented the mine following me – albeit I put myself at a safe distance now.