Baseball Season! Go Braves from biggest fan in NZ!

Posted by on Oct 07 2005, in Photography,

Yes, there are few things things that I am unashamingly American about, one thing is baseball. I have streamed audio audio during the playoffs off the internet during work hours with my headset on – only to startle my coworkers with loud “WOOHOOOS!!!”‘s and “YESSSSSSSSSH!!!!!”‘s and other primitive cries of joy.

I’ve found it difficult to adapt rugby in my new country, and I guess once you get baseball in your system, you can never get rid of it. My mates here all give strange looks when I talk baseball, so one of my few joys is when I can get on the phone (or skype, messenger) and have a good ol’ fashioned chinwag about baseball.

And here’s to the Braves – Take the “chop” all the way to the World Series!