Site Down!

Posted by on Aug 13 2005, in Photography,

My site has been down for 2.5 days, and no response from my hosting as yet, Its a bit of a travesty really. Given the competition from the cpanel hosting field, a 1 day outage is bad enough, but a 2 and half day outage with no apology or even a ‘whatup’ from your hosting provider is unacceptable.

I plan to move hosting companies. But the sad thing is I don’t know if I can recover the data from old website. It partially my fault because the last full backup i did was in April. Sure I have the all pictures.. but all my blog entries, emails, stats so much more could be lost forever. I am not sure what situation, a good hosting, if hit by hacker usually has a contigincy plan if their sites go down and first and foremost – warn the users. I would have been far more forgiving and understanding. But this silence suggest that there are probably some internal issues going on there.

Luckily, it is has become my ‘day’ job to sort out good host companies, so there are a number of them i can choose from.

I hate ranting against IT companies, partially because I worked as developer for a hosting company for a couple of years. I can understand if a site goes down due to a hacker or server migration – but you always get a warning from the hosting company beforehand. I’ve had a couple of other outages from this company in February and again in May. Never recieved a word from them, but i didn’t mind because they were relatively short outages.

So for prospective cpanel hosting companies, i would strongly recommend against using!

update- looks like my site is up now.. but that still doesn’t mean i am happy about this!


  • I checked out your blog and it has just such amazing pictures!!

  • Gees, ran out of bandwidth again!