New Zealand Car Rental for Students and Backpackers

Posted by on Jul 25 2005, in Advertising, Photography,

This is the second site i’ve been working on, Monkey Around NZ. Short Description:

jump from a plane, raft a raging river, surf a 6 foot swell, leap
off a 200 foot high bridge…

NZ’s the ultimate place to monkey around. And because there’s better
things to throw your money at than car hire, we’ve dug out the best
car rental deals in NZ, plus found great deals on insurance for
under 25 drivers. Read more about New
Zealand Car Rental for students and backpackers


Technically, this site was built on an Unix server Apache/PHP/MySQL.
I’ve made use of Mod rewrites to make the URLs easier for search
engines to digest. Thats one crazy monkey on this site 🙂