Its my birthday! I am three years old today…

Posted by on Jul 20 2005, in Photography,

Yes, its my 3rd year living in New Zealand, I am now eligible for citizenship and the dole, hahahahha! Just a normal day, I worked from home doing some programming, met a mate for lunch at Mecca.

I took this shot of Trevor Moss Memorial Fountain this morning… It had to brighten up a bit, I find that the morning colours can be a bit gawdy though –

This shot below was taken at sunset at Bastion Point. Its actually two exposures. The first is the forground of light green grass, the second is the the dark sky. I took the grass at a lighter exposure, and the sky as darker exposure and fused the pictures:


  • Very excellent, geez I love that fountain.

    I forget how pretty things can be down there when were not leaving toilet duck and couches on the beach!