New Zealand Photograph Scam

Posted by on May 27 2005, in Photography,

I’ve had a photograph of mine painted
as an oil painting and sold for about $700 NZD. Unfortunately, this has
happened at a bad time in my life, in short I was too busy to
follow up on this; I had other very important things in my life going
on at the time.

Good news, there were some very awesome folks at New Zealand Scam Busters who came to the rescue. This is an email I got from one of the members today:


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Hi Mark

I emailed you sometime ago regarding your Rangitoto photo being painted and sold.

Since then many more copyright issues have come to light and have been investigated by scambusters.

Trademe have also disabled peter Vinks name and two others who we believe are the same person.

We at scambusters have quite a lot of evidence regarding this fraud which has been growing bigger all the time.

There is a forum on scambusters where the copyrights so far are being
displayed and we would like to have your permission to display your
Rangitoto photo.

The site address is if you would like to check it out.

Trade Me are providing copyright holders with information should they
wish to pursue legal action through Disputes Tribunal or wherever. You
can write to them at

For your information this scam has also been in most of the main newspapers and also on closeup tv1.

We would appreciate being able to use your photo onsite and of course your name would be displayed as the photographer.

Thankyou for your time


Below is the oil painting that was used and my photograph below it:



There is some good news in this; though I am quite not sure if it was a direct result from this, I did sell a
couple of photographs the past week.

I am curious if an you had anything similar happen?


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    Sorry you’re having a bad time of it. I’ve very much missed your posts. Here’s to happier times.

  • Anonymous

    oh no, i hope everything’s better now.