New Site, New Blog, Old Site, Old Blog

Posted by on Feb 17 2005, in Photography,

Some of you may have noticed some changes going on around the ‘Vonnagy’ family of websites. Well, it was getting to hard to manage my old website, as it didn’t allow any scripting for automatic updated of the my website. So I have launch and revamped New Zealand Photography website along with a new New Zealand Photo Blog. Here is a quick breakdown of my sites you can now explore.

My New Site: This is my New Photosite. I have ample space to upload my latest photography here in an easily browsable and searchable format. You can download my New Zealand Screensaver ( or send photo ecards (

My New Blog  This is my new blog, my latest photography will be posted here, anything to do with photography will be found here.

My Old Site: This is my old website. This contains alot of my old photos, stories and articles. I still will keep up going, but I will seldom update because its a bit of a hassle to do so. I quite like my site, its been up since 1998, and has a lot of personal history to it 🙂

My Old Blog This is my ‘old’ blog, and Yes it will still be continued. I will mainly use this blog now for writing about personal experiences instead of photography (my new blog will have most of my photography). However I may still post the occasional photo here!