bridal veil falls, Raglan NZ

Posted by on Jan 09 2005, in Photography,


  • Spectacular as always. You always take fantasic pictures of water, i am jealous

  • Okay thats awesome, I dont know how you have so much control over all the rainbows in NZ but its freakin cool!

  • LK

    I was at these waterfalls recently and we had rainbows in the water as well, even came up in our photos too.

    I wonder if this could be the true meaning of the end of the rainbow and whether next time I go, we’ll find a pot of gold here or just some old George, Zippy and Bungle costumes…

  • Anonymous

    spectacular rainbow!!!!

  • Love the pictures as they are so much better than any I have taken. Went there when I was a child back in the fifties, Lived then in Hamilton but now an aussie. Bridal Veil Falls must rate as one of the tiny bits of paradise.