G’Bye 2004, ‘ello 2005!

Posted by on Dec 31 2004, in Photography, vonnagy.blogspot.com

What does a photographer do after New Years Celebrations, he groggily gets up with his last remaining bottle o’ grog and goes to the beach to take photos!

Below are some photographs I took New Years morning with my bottles of Lindemans, a fine Aussie wine and excellent subject matter. I ended up topping over my glass of red (what else do ya expect) and even took a few photos. As I was about to leave mr. new years rainbow appeared as well!

This is a completely different rainbow… I didn’t even realise this was on the flash card until I downloaded it! This was done with a self timer – This is me & me favorite glass ‘o lindy’s 🙂


  • Ellllllo there ! Tis me again *goofy grin*

    I forgot was I was gonna say * scratches head * … ummm…
    Oh yeah ….

    Like I said on TPF , you must be the Pied Piper of rainbows 😀

    Awesome shots , once again !

  • Anonymous

    Wow, nice shots! The most famous bottle of red in New Zealand!! 🙂