Buy Land on the Moon!

Posted by on Sep 22 2004, in Photography,

Ok, not your typical New Zealand Blog item, but hey this is unusual and I like stuff that is a bit out in left field. One of the business clients where I work actually sells land on the moon. Yep at Lunar Realty you can buy land on the moon. Hey if you you feeling a bit ambitious, you can a Moon Land Lifestyle Block or if you tastes are a bit more frugal you can settle for an acre of moon property. The life style block contains 10 acres. Yep, apparently its legitimate to buy land from the moon. The lifestyle block is $298 Aussie dollars, the 1 acre plot is $59. Apparently you retain mineral rights to the land as well.

I’ll repost my pic with the moon over auckland here 😉


  • oOoOo heyo thea.. well i must say im loving that pic of aucks.. havent seen it look so purdy in a long long while

    hmmmmm im still thinking about the buying space on the moon thing lol.. i think i need a bit of talking into it in that department!

  • LOL ….. $ 298 AUD eh ?! WHAT a STEAL !!

    I think I just may sell my house on Mars and build my shack on the moon instead … ya tawwwwked me into it *wink*