Moon over Auckland

Posted by on Sep 03 2004, in Photography,

Well not much to write home about this week, here are a couple of photographs I took this week. The moon was quite large and looming over auckland, so I snapped this shot. The other is of a daisy I took.

Oh… I won a trademe auction a few minutes ago. It was a super duper deal, but it was a nice package for an older nikon camera, and some darkroom dodads, books and stuff. I am currently in the market for a med. format enlarger as well. no luck there yet!


  • Mister Nagy! How did I miss that shot of the moon. Beautiful cityscape of Dorkland City mate, I guess you can be excused for not having anything to write home about.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the picture of the daisies!! You just helped make my day!
    A Yank hoping to become a Kiwi 🙂