Relearning how to photograph

Posted by on Aug 29 2004, in Photography,

Today was an excellent day. I found 2 new places to photograph – Northcote Point (see post below) and Karaka Bay.

Karaka Bay – now that was a surprise for me. I spent 1 year in Glendowie, and its only a 5 minute from where i lived then but I never stumbled across it. Grrr. But hey, it was a cool discovery. I’ll probably yap more about this area later.

I decide in the afternoon to go exclusively with my new 85mm lens. This is lens is quite challenging for me – especially after shooting 15mm-30mm wide angle lens. I was used to capturing the entire scene on the lens, now only a tiny segment gets captured! And since there is no zoom, I have to move to the correct position, instead of twisting the lens to do it! The Depth of Field is much greather with the prime lens as well, and I am learning how to throw objects out focus whilst keeping the subject sharp as possible.

Here are today’s B&W results, a mixture of Northcote Point and Karaka Bay:



  • Anonymous


    I love your photos. I move to Auckland in October and after seeing the pictures I really can’t wait. You made it worse! :-))
    I was looking for some pictures of Karaka Bay, unfortunately I haven’t found any.
    I have downloaded your screensaver, great chill. Thanks a lot.

    Have a great time, down there.