Hey you, critique this!

Posted by on Aug 27 2004, in Photography, vonnagy.blogspot.com

Here is my feeble to get you, the random blog surfer who unwittedly clicked next blog, to critique some photography.

3 of the same images, with different settings:


desaturated (black & white)

desaturated and warmed (sepia)

So which do you prefer, if any? And why do you prefer it?



  • Hey You! Die Hard Blogger!

    T’was a tough decision but Im going with number one Bob. Because, I like blue, and the added yellow does it for me. And by the way the depth of field on that thing is righteous!

  • Anonymous

    I quite like the colour one, also. Though the sepia one is nice, it just doesn’t have the same punch as the blue. The b&w is rather blah in comparison to the other two. _drone

  • Anonymous

    Have been awed and inspired by many of your photographs.
    Being an aspiring writer I will no doubt eventually write you a very long email – but opinions of these three are:

    2. Black and white is my favourite. It comes almost as if in a dream (or perhaps nightmare). It alludes to and made me feel as though I’d caught a glimpse of the blade right before it caught me between the eyes, and it literally made me pull back from the pc screen.

    1. The colour is good. I do like the blue and the contrast but it looks like an ‘artistic photo’ and lacks the reality,resonance and motion of the black and white.

    3. Again, still a wicked photo – and I did pause between this and the black and white; but the sepia gives me a feeling of looking at an old photograph. Possibly reminiscent of photographs I have seen of men with mining/farming equipment in ‘the olden days’, thus removing the menance as something belonging safely in the past.

    Having said all that I think that I do like all three and like many of your other pictures; – indicative of a truly original eye and vision.

    Fast becoming one of your fans 🙂