New Zealand Car Hire for Aussies

New Zealand Car Hire For Australians

At last a New Zealand car rental site dedicated to Australians visiting NZ. After all, Aussies travel to NZ more than any other nationality, so why shouldn't you get a better deal? This website pools together the best deals from NZ's large national and small independent car hire companies, so you can be sure you are looking at only the best rates. And unlike some kiwis, its easy to understand. Read more about New Zealand Car Hire for Australians

Highlights of this site include:

  • specialised car hire rates for Australians
  • kiwi/aussie humour
  • kiwi slang dictionary
  • Avis, Hertz, Omega, Ezy, Apex and Drive NZ are featured car rental companies
  • great car hire rates, of course ;-)

Technically, this site was built on an Unix server Apache/PHP/MySQL. I've made use of Mod rewrites to make the URLs easier for search engines to digest. This is a fun little site for New Zealand car Hire